Cubans worry Trump could dash island’s economic hopes

CBC News As a major political shift takes place in the United States, there’s also a sea change in Cuba, its troubled neighbour across the Florida Strait

U.S. repeal of friendly migrant policy makes waves in Cuban port city

CBC News News that the U.S. has repealed a migration policy favourable to Cubans spread quickly in Cardenas


Canada is getting connected coast to coast

Quartz The Great Trail, when completed, will be the longest recreational path in the world

Taking stock of naloxone across Canada

This Magazine We pinpoint the availability of the life-saving opioid antidote across the country

Slave Lake looks ahead, one year after fire

Toronto Star A year after the fires that wiped out a third of Slave Lake, the wounds to its collective psyche are still healing


The Globe and Mail Filmores is emblematic of the constant struggle between those who would preserve the city’s character and those who would transform it

The Globe and Mail A second wave of retail to a community undergoing a historical transformation

Business & Technology

The hidden cost of Amazon’s Vancouver expansion

The Logic There skepticism that the city needs Amazon’s presence to emerge as an intelligence hub

Toronto-Waterloo tech corridor could see 18-minute flights this June

Financial Post EXCLUSIVE Greater Toronto Airways hopes to sign K-W area’s large corporations to secure route schedule

Toronto’s mayor heads to Silicon Valley

Financial Post ONE ON ONE John Tory tells me he’s on a mission to promote Toronto-Waterloo as an innovation corridor, but his message isn’t clear

Home Hardware CEO stares down his U.S. competitors

Financial Post ONE ON ONE In a one-on-one interview, Terry Davis says company is staying true to its rural roots


Hell on Wheels

The Walrus In-line skating’s struggle to become an Olympic sport

Hobby shops on guard for Connor McDavid frenzy

The Globe and Mail There’s considerable optimism that a messiah-like emergence of one player next season, Connor McDavid, will generate the kind of excitement that will lure fringe collectors back to the hobby

Art & Music

The new face of street art

The Globe and Mail ‘Street art is a new vocabulary.’ Toronto’s dingy underpasses get a makeover

What The Hell Has Ian Blurton Been Up To Lately?

Noisey The legendary musician and producer has been quiet for some time, but he’s about to get loud as shit


The Globe and Mail Bike touring isn’t for visitors more inclined to sip mojitos at Varadero’s resorts

A secluded retreat for travellers seeking a different kind of India

The Globe and Mail Kalypura’s huts are elegant, featuring roofs made from coconut trees and banana-bark interior walls.

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